Wagner PlastCoat HP 30 Spraypack


The new Wagner PlastCoat HP 30 high-pressure screw pump without valves convinces with ease of use, high reliability and very high performance. All this is possible thanks to the combination of the robust rotor-stator system with the comfortable Airless technology. The high performance screw pump designed for high viscosity materials redefines the standards in terms of material feed power and operating comfort. At Wagner, it is the first of its kind capable of also processing dispersion colors with the innovative HEA technology.

Super handy: the user-friendly control system allows for error-free use, even for the less experienced. The ergonomically designed Airless spray gun and the high pressure hose guarantee a high comfort of use and an easy application of the material.
Maximum power: the PlastCoat HP 30 convinces with a flow rate of> 10kg / min. The spray pressure can also be continuously adjusted (40-120 bar).
Maximum reliability: the low-wear and low-maintenance screw pump stands out thanks to its robust and well-established technology. The Airless system ensures high quality surfaces.
Flexible use: thanks to easy retooling and HEA technology, the screw pump can also be used without problems for the application of dispersion colors.
High performance and reduced acoustic impact: the PlastCoat HP 30 allows pleasant and silent Airless spraying processes with a working pressure of up to 120 bar without having to use an external compressor.
Optimized software to guarantee advanced functionality: Smooth start-up thanks to the rotor-stator safety program. Dry-running protection and additional pressure regulating function ensure a longer life cycle. Prime & Clean mode facilitates cleaning and material loading operations.
Applicable material Airless fillers, Dispersion fillers, Water-soluble dispersion paints for interiors and exteriors, Water-soluble primers
Price category (cat. 1-5) Category 3
Max flow > 10 kg / min (Spray fillers for Airless dispersion)
Conveying height max. 20 m
Max length of high pressure hose 22.5 m
Operating pressure Max. 120 bar, 12MPa
Weight 72 kg
Power 2.3 kW
Voltage 230 V / 50Hz
Screw pump technology
Electric drive
Explosion protection No
Max grain size 0.3 mm (Airless fillers, dispersion fillers)




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