Supply of products up to the construction of latest generation painting systems

What’s your industry?

Assistance and maintenance

One of our main strengths is direct assistance on site and at our headquarters with quick and immediate interventions.

Assembly and testing

Installation service of the system at the company and related testing of correct operation.

Revisions with guarantee

Overhaul service of the painting equipment installed at the company and specific guarantees agreed with the customer.

Spare parts and tools

Our center is always well stocked with equipment and spare parts in order to better offer a complete support service to your machines.


Before Color, there is Technology.

Experience and know-how acquired in over thirty years: SM Stefano Mazza & CSrl operates in the field of painting systems through the marketing, installation and maintenance of equipment for handling and mixing liquids and semi-liquids, and in particularly for the application of liquid and non-liquid spray paint products. It’s not just making Color possible, it’s making it to the max everywhere.


Among our products dedicated to the world of painting there is a selection of agitators, both pneumatic and electric.

Tools and accessories designed with the best ergonomics (with or without handle), ideal for operating in the construction, do-it-yourself, industry, water treatment and transfer sectors.

Color is always the protagonist in every process.


Automatic mixing with  electronic proportioning unit

The growing need for greater control of the painting cycle is pushing more and more companies towards the search for more advanced systems.

Systems that are no longer just built to mix two-component products correctly, but also capable of controlling consumption and dosing accuracy in real time; able to detect how much product is applied per work cycle, able to print periodic reports to “certify” the production or to interface with a personal computer for recording and processing the detected data, etc.

All this is now possible with Wagner electronic systems.


Respect is the most beautiful Color

The particular attention to respect for the environment, a topic that is today more crucial than ever and that affects every area of ​​our daily actions, finds expression in our company in the targeted choice of marketing only those technologies and products that best meet this need. In fact, only through the use of the best systems for dosing, filtering and distillation of paint substances and solvents it is possible to constantly reduce the level of emissions into the air, water and soil. Proud of the results achieved so far, our company is still committed to further investing in the search for suppliers whose production is increasingly compatible on an environmental level.