Wagner Unica pump 3-125


Double diaphragm pneumatic pump with pressure intensifier for material pressures up to 20 bar. Ideal for feeding and feeding high viscosity material and long hoses in circulation systems or air spray applications with a branch line.


The pumps also reliably transport large quantities of highly viscous material. With the pressure ratio of 3: 1, 5L / min at 15 bar are not a problem even with viscosities above 200 mPas.

High savings potential
Due to the higher pressure, the diameter of the material hoses can be selected to be smaller. This means there is much less unused material in circulation, saving costs, material and time during color change and rinse.

Durable and sturdy
In addition to its compact design, Unica 3-125 is extremely robust and durable. Maintenance and service work can be carried out quickly and easily.

Technical specifications:

pressure ratio: 3.5: 1
working pressure: (max. static) 21 bars
flow rate: (dynamic, water) 3 l / min at 19 bar
material receipt: G 1/2 “- I (Unica 3-125 3/8” HZ); G 3/4 “- I (Single 3-125 3/4” HZ)
material outlet: G 3/8 “- I (Only 3-125 3/8” HZ); G 3/4 “- I (Single 3-125 3/4” HZ)
air supply: G 1/2 “- I (max. 6 bar)
the weight: 15 kg
Parts in contact with the material: stainless steel, PTFE




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