Wagner Universal Sprayer W 690 Flexio

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With the W 690 Flexio you get two spray systems for the price of one: with the two inserts, the system fits both indoor and outdoor projects. Whether it is interior colors, or paints and glazes, the results are always brilliant thanks to the uniform distribution of the paint, even in the case of difficult surfaces. The innovative I-Spray insert allows you to spray the interior paint in an ideal way and to perform a uniform and perfectly covering job. The jet is variable, as well as the amount of air that can be adjusted at will. The Standard insert for paints and glazes also allows you to set a point jet, for a quick and perfect application.

For dispersion and water-based interior paints. If used with the standard inserts supplied, it is also possible to apply water-soluble or solvent-based paints, enamels, wood preservatives, oils, etc.
For small to large projects
For a uniform application after a single coat, for all materials available on the market, even those where dilution is not allowed
Removable gun for quick insert change and simplified cleaning
Air quantity adjustment for materials of different viscosities for perfect results with dense or fluid materials
The adjustable jet can be perfectly adapted to each object. Free adjustment of the amount of paint for more precise work
Patented I-Spray nozzle for extra-fine mist and high viscosity tolerance even with denser paints
X-Boost turbine for superior performance and high working speed
The base unit can be applied over the shoulders or placed on the ground for convenient and effortless application




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