Wagner PlastCoat Spraypack 1030 E system

Powerful coating spraying system for large surfaces

The large-area professional: powerful motor and integrated material container
Practical: automatic stator extraction for easy cleaning
Numerous possibilities: accessories such as bag presses to complete the system
Easy transport: demountable structure


With the Wagner PlastCoat 1030 screw pump it is possible to efficiently carry out all the operations related to the application of the plaster: plaster (fine and decorative plaster, plaster primer), coating (cellular concrete coating, putty), bonding / reinforcement (interior plaster, adhesive, reinforcement and tile mortars), grouting and grouting (mortars for wall joints, joints and frames) and castings (insulating and leveling compounds). Liquid wood chips, acoustic coatings, spray fillers and bituminous sealants as well as coarse materials with a grain size of up to 6 mm can be applied.

PlastCoat 1030 makes work extremely easy, especially on large construction sites. The laborious manual transport of material across multiple floors is no longer necessary.


Compact and lightweight: 58 kg weight at 20 m transport height and 40 m transport radius, materials up to 6 mm grain size possible
Ease of cleaning and use on site: automatic stator stripping and automatic depressurization
For large spaces and easy transport: integrated plastic container 50 liters, four
wheels and a low overall height
Maintenance-free and robust: Brushless DC motor for high torque
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6vvGap7iKk&t=4sWagner system PlastCoat Spraypack 1030 E




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